From Roots to Blooms: The Legacy of Sam Stokes Nursery

Discover the rich history and enduring legacy of Sam Stokes Nursery, where generations of expertise and a passion for plants converge. Join us on a journey from humble beginnings in 1902 to our thriving family-owned business today.


The first Sam Stokes began the first nursery in forest Hill in 1902. Over the past 120 years, much has changed in our world. The nursery business innovations have changed from steaming soil to automated timers and planters. The first Sam could not imagine a world where his great-great-great granddaughter left a 17-year career to… Continue reading Memory


As we approach the Fall and Winter seasons, a critical time for fruit and citrus trees approaches. Louisiana’s climates can be hit or miss when it comes to fruit production because of the unpredictable weather. Will it never drop below 50? Will we have two ice storms? Will it snow at Easter? Who knows. We… Continue reading Chillin